Healthy Communities – Early and Periodic Screening, Diagnosis, and Treatment


(EPSDT) – is a health care benefit package for all Medicaid and Child Health Plan Plus (CHP+) enrolled children ages 20 and under and all pregnant women. 


Available services:


A Healthy Communities Outreach Coordinator can help the client navigate the Medicaid and/or CHP+ systems as well as non Medicaid community systems. We also offer community resource referrals.


Contact Information:


719-383-3082 Business hours M-F 8a-5p. From 5p-8a and holidays the calls will go directly to the HC voice mail box.

Otero County Courthouse, 13 W. 3rd, Room 111, La Junta, CO

Otero County Health Department, 811 S. 13th St., Rocky Ford, CO


Healthy Community Coordinators /Children’s Medicaid is a special health care program within Medicaid for children and youth age 20 and under who have current Medicaid eligibility.

It helps families find out early about health care problems and get treatment for medical, dental, vision, mental health and developmental problems. All families who get Medicaid are encouraged to use these services.

·         Children 18 and under will never have a co-pay when visiting their doctor, pharmacy or for hospital stays. 

·         Youth and adults 19 and over may have to pay a small co-pay when visiting their doctor, pharmacy or hospital stays. 

·         Youth and adults 19 and over who are enrolled in a Medicaid managed care organization (MCO), will not have a co-pay. 

·         Pregnant women of any age will not have a co-pay during the pregnancy. 

You can get FREE Healthy Community Coordinators and Case Management services if you are pregnant or have children who are age 20 and under. 
Outreach Coordinators want you to get the most out of your benefits. They can help you by:

·         Finding available Medicaid providers

·         Assisting you to navigate the Medicaid system. 

·         Connecting you to available no and low cost services and referrals to places in your community like food banks, housing agencies, childcare, Head Start and WIC offices. 

Health Community Coordinators can act as a link with other programs and services and will be available as the first level of client advocacy.